Dividing Assets Doesn't Have to Be Such a Hassle

Schedule a divorce appraisal with me in Hot Springs, AR

Splitting assets during your divorce can be overwhelming, but having an experienced home appraiser on your side can simplify the process. Lake Hamilton Appraisals provides top-notch property division services in Hot Springs, AR and the surrounding area. I can help make sure everyone gets their fair share. I'll give an unbiased opinion and accurate valuation for your divorce appraisal.

Trust me to handle the divorce appraisal process. Reach out now to schedule property division services.

Find out what to expect from your appraisal

To find the actual value of your property, I'll follow a detailed process to appraise your home. You can expect me to:

  • Measure your home
  • Assess the exterior of your home
  • Make notes and observations on your home's interior

Once I've gathered all the information about your property, I can provide you with a full report. Contact me today to learn more about our process.